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  • Out of all of the Mac experts I’ve spoken with over the years, Justin is honestly the best. I first hired him to help design an exciting presentation for a TV show. Challenge was, there weren’t any clips just a ton of of still images. Justin created an exciting sizzle reel that received wonderful feedback every time we pitched it. To this day, I show it to people whenever they say, “what type of sizzle reel should we produce?” I can’t say enough about Justin. He’ll introduce you to technology you don’t even know exists and make it so simple. I’m a big fan of Justin.
    Spike Jones, Jr.
    Producer, Primetime Emmys
  • I first contacted Justin when my laptop crashed and I lost all my precious photos.  He was able to retrieve all 20,000 of them! Then I decided to get on top of my digital life and hire him as my monthly consultant and tutor because I rely on my Apple devices.  It’s been one of the best decisions I ever made.  I’ve always found him to be a positive problem-solver who is highly trained and competent, not just from Northwestern University but also the formal Apple, Inc. training program. Now I’m on top of my digital world!
    Robert Soderstrom
    Puck Creative Group
  • I don't exactly know how electricity works....I just know that I need it to. I marvel at the mystery. This is exactly how I feel about Justin. I have no idea how he does what he does. I just know that without him, my business would suffer. While I feel fairly confident in the computer world, Justin is light years ahead of the curve - so I don't have to be.
    Warner Loughlin
    Warner Loughlin Studios
  • Justin is a Mac genius, who has helped me learn a great deal about my computer. Aside from being incredibly knowledgeable, Justin teaches you how to do things, rather than just doing them himself and leaving you to your own devices! Very important! I highly recommend Justin.
    Bonnie Bruckheimer
    Movie Producer: Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood
  • Justin has a special kind of insight that isn’t often found among the computer literate. Balancing his left and right brain, while also balancing his work and personal life, he is the quintessential guide to helping our computers to become more compatible people with us.
    Yari Schutzer
    Beachwood Mac
  • Justin recently completed a very challenging job by transitioning our entire company from PC to Mac after 10+ years on PC. He performed the job in amazing way. It has been a great experience and the results have been phenomenal. I recommend him very, very, very highly. Please feel free to contact me for more information. Not only does he get great results, have high integrity, he is also creative, personable and extremely expert at what he does.
    Mikkel Bondesen
    Fuse Management
  • As far as Mac IT is concerned, Justin Bradshaw lives up to the letter and spirit of the word "cognoscenti".
    Michael York
  • I don’t know where I’d be without my Mac Cognoscenti! Justin always comes through with some amazing fix, for something I’ve inevitably broken.
    Helena Ruffin
    Helena Ruffin, The Ruffin Group
  • You da man.
    Brad Furman
    Movie Director: The Lincoln Lawyer
  • Justin has been my company’s life saver. He brought our once archaic technology to the cutting edge and saved us more money and time than I could imagine. He has always been available to us, and has never let us down in an emergency. He has gone above and beyond what I thought he would or could do, and we have since added him to our team.
    Rebecca Harrell Tickell
    Big Picture Ranch
  • We have a very busy client in NYC that has a LA office. They got large enough that we needed someone locally who could handle the onsite work for us. That’s when I discovered Justin and MacCog. I am completely confident in Justin’s ability as a tech as well as his ability to manage the site as I would if I were there myself. He responds quickly, works diligently and always has the client’s best interest in mind. I’ve been working with him for a couple of years now and I hope to be working with him for many more.
    Tony Ricciardi
    The Templeton Group
  • I would never hire anybody else to touch or my maintain any of my business or personal websites... and because of the honesty and integrity Justin has full remote access to both our business and personal computers to maintain and upgrade anytime. Justin is amazing at both website development and problem solving which reduces our costs. With his expertise and recommended tools, we have managed to be at the top of every Google search which brings thousands of visitors to our site. He is amazing!
    Steven Josovitz
    The Josovitz Group
  • Justin is passionate about the Mac. His experience is both broad and deep, and he gives 110% to fix thorny problems. He is always thinking about ways to improve my digital life and is generous in sharing his ideas and solutions. Highly recommended!
    Steve Levin
    Leading Change Consulting
  • Do you hate waiting in line at the Genius Bar at the Apple Store? Call Justin. He combines an encyclopedic knowledge of Apple products with a years-in-the-making passion for all things Apple. In addition, he’s a vastly talented graphic and web designer who also comes factory-equipped with a detailed eye for grammar, usage and language. He’s one of the few people I’ve ever had an animated conversation with about semicolons and smart quotes. Justin distinguishes himself in a saturated field. Hire him.
    Robert Peterson
    Author, Editor, Webmaster
  • I had just spent countless hours and three days on the phone with technical support, only to eventually be told to "call the Apple store or the Geek Squad". I called Justin Bradshaw instead. While it seems like an exaggeration, Justin’s knowledge and patience saved my life. In a brief and entirely pleasant amount of time, he synced all of my accounts, which I’d been told were lost forever (!) and allowed me to resume work! I am so grateful for his dedication and professionalism. I would recommend him to anyone.
    Randi Picarelli
    Hard Cards
  • Always responsive, and very patient. Justin proves himself to be an asset to any web-reliant company time and time again. His professionalism and knowledge has proven to be essential to my companies growth and image. Thank you, Justin.
    Nick Morrison
    Art Deco Apartments
  • As the tile cognoscenti says it all, he has the knowledge and ability to deal with any computer issues than all the IT consultants and MAC geniuses that you may know out there combined. Very personable, too. He not only treats his job as a business, but first and foremost, he puts himself in the client’s shoes and is very compassionate about it which definitely sets him apart from the rest. I so often wish there was another Justin Bradshaw available outside of the Central Coast.
    Monica Nakagawa
    Beauty Factory Tokyo
  • Justin leaves no detail uncovered and is emotionally intelligent in his approach to solving your problems. Technology does not have to be full of crazy technical terms and he will make it seem like second nature and solve your problems painlessly.
    Kent McCallister
    Apple Computer
  • Justin is an amazing tech, and always does first rate work, and at a reasonable cost. He shows up on time, and is always pleasant to work with. I recommend him highly!
    Kathy Shultz
    Adelia M Foundation
  • Justin is a Mac Master. He has helped me resolve problems and improve my workflow and explained things easily and fluidly. He is highly recommended!
    Kal Yee
    Kal Yee Photography
  • I had the pleasure of working with Justin from January 2008 to July of 2009 on a political blog and podcast. His technical expertise in social media as well as his engaging personality as a co-host made him a distinct pleasure to work with. Every time I walked into his house, I would get a crash course on the latest digital life innovations and developments. Justin is passionate about all that he does. His aptitude as a digital life coach is made clear through the success of his company. I highly recommend him as a consultant, commentator, and friend.
    Joel VanBrunt
    Actor, Writer, Musician, Entrepreneur
  • Justin is quite simply a computer genius!  He has helped me many times when I’ve had computer issues from set ups to major castastrophies. Justin understands the computer related needs and demands I have as a professional photographer and was able to help me pick out a computer that will continue to meet my needs as I grow my business and as digital technology continues to improve. Thanks Justin! There are many times I just don’t know what I would have done without your help!
    Jen Lepkowski
    Jen Lepkowski Photography
  • Justin has done our web design, web site management and i.t. support for the better part of the past decade. We could not be more pleased with the help and service he has provided. A great choice to work with.
    Harold Shumacher
    The Shumacher Group
  • Justin is an amazing Mac tech! From the few I've come across in this area, he has the broadest range of skills for a mac-based platform that I've seen. I truly appreciate his ability to help me with my IT problems remotely, and his checklist for items that I can improve upon are valuable. I have recommended him to several of our clients and will continue to do so.
    Elizabeth Howard
    Lola Red
  • Justin is a reliable and knowledgeable expert in his area of expertise. I consider him, as well, a friend of immense extra-capabilities and talents. I thoroughly and wholeheartededly endorse him as a superb candidate for whatever task he has agreed to undertake.
    Dr. Charles P. Loeb
  • I’ve known Justin for 15 years. He’s a good friend and consistently knowledgeable businessman. Knowing the tools is only half the battle. Justin is able to find creative solutions to problems, and then think beyond the problems to create proactive valuable solutions to avoid issues in the future. His knowledge of and passion for the Mac platform is top-notch, and he continues to learn and grow with the platform. I’d recommend him for any job, big or small.
    Andy Swindler
    Astek Consulting
  • 5
    My friend thinks you're the tops!!! Oh my goodness, how much do I adore recommending you because everyone always calls ME to thank ME!!
    Amy Peterson
    Amy's Blankies
  • Not only is Justin incredibly knowledgeable regarding programming, networking, and web design to name only a few, he is fast and efficient with his tasks. All of my mac related problems (some very complex) have been solved by Justin very quickly and artfully. I highly recommend him for any type of computer related issues.
    Trent Niemi
    Cartridge World
  • I’ve gone through several stages of tech phobia in my life. At one time I wouldn’t even attempt to do anything other than turn on my computer. When I was pitching a show and desperately needed some help with a graphics presentation I hired Justin Bradshaw, who calls himself a ‘digital life coach’ to save the day. He wowed everyone with his ease in making everything flow perfectly and when my computer was dying, he again took care of it. If you’re a Mac user, it’s a beautiful thing!
    Blogger, Producer

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