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UPDATE: Google is accepting (and granting) invite applications as we speak… so if you’re interested at all, click on this link to sign up to receive an invitation. Google’s as yet-unreleased “GoogleVoice” service isn’t so new. I’ve been using it’s predecessor, GrandCentral as my primary business and personal phone number for 2 years. This is […]

Put simply, Web 2.0 is the beginning of the movement to extend our entire digital lives online… to the cloud. More and more everyday we’re putting more of our pictures, video and thoughts online… and new technologies known as “Web 2.0” like RSS, AJAX and “cloud computing” are making that easy and fun.  Storing your […]

“Cloud Computing” is the newest buzz word in the world of the internet… and an integral part of Web 2.0. Here’s how they work together: Computers like your laptop, while convenient, still can’t be in all places at once and can cause major problems when lost, stolen or just crashed. If you’ve ever used a […]

Well, I’m being a little hypocritical with my headline on this one since I use Bit Torrent from time to time (for legal things!) but I’m very aware that this stuff could contain something malicious if not simply annoying. Now there is proof of an actual malicious Trojan Horse for the Mac! Let’s repeat: a […]

Everyone knows Facebook and MySpace. Before that, some of us used Friendster and AOL chat rooms or Yahoo member boards. When we think back on how the social aspect of digital media has changed us… some of us yearn for more personal interaction. Sure, Facebook is great for keeping in touch with old friends from […]

I’ve been explaining the value of IMAP email to clients for years. It’s far superior to POP, especially when you check your email from more than one computer or mobile device. Plus, if your computer crashes and you have no other backups, at least your email is safe! I set up pretty much all of […]

Recycle your computer.

by justin on October 6, 2008 · 0 comments

It may be a little later than our Greenpeace friends may have liked, but Apple has mostly gotten its act together on recycling. When you buy a new Mac, you can send or bring them your old one for proper disposal… at no cost to you. That’s a huge step and as this Macworld article […]

How many people have only one password? How about those who have one password and then a bunch of variations with “2” or “69” at the end? Well guess what… don’t get used to them. Because one day soon the whole password thing will slowly become obsolete. You may rejoice or moan about having to […]

At a recent hacker conference, they were able to break into a MacBook Air when it went to a particular website (using Safari) that the hackers had prepped for mischeif. The lesson: sketchy websites could mean sketchy results, even on a Mac. Sure, there will be a software update by Apple to fix this particular […]

Popular Mechanics tested the iMac vs. a Gateway One and the MacBook vs. an Acer M15SR and guess what? The Macs trounced the PCs! in speed and price and user preference. See for yourself: Mac vs PC – Benchmark and Speed Tests – Popular Mechanics justin