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Wireless headphones for the iPhone 3G!

by justin on June 26, 2009 · 4 comments

There was an interesting little development in my little bluetooth world this morning…

I was checking an apple email about iphone 3.0 software and came across this: (which wasn’t even in the main email… I had to click through to the more detailed web page to find it)

and I thought, HOLY CRAP, does stereo bluetooth already work with the 3G? Seriously? Did I miss something? I thought that was only for 3GS!

but no, according to PC WORLD magazine it’s here now!

so I bought the Altec Lansing Backbeat 903 based on the review… for dirt cheap (where else but) at Amazon.

In short: The iPhone 3G had bluetooth but no stereo music capability… but now, with the 3.0 Software update, Apple has given not just 3GS users, but 3G users as well… the ability to have one wireless headset that plays music AND takes calls!

nice, huh? I will be letting you all know what I think when I get this thing in two days.

yay. Now I probably don’t need a new Zivio Boom! (my last one, purchased at a beautiful discount at MacWorld, had its final “spin” in my washing machine recently and didn’t come out very well).


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