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Today only… free signup with a great Web 2.0 service

by justin on April 24, 2008 · 0 comments

I’ve been using Evernote for about a month now and have been totally sold by it in the last few weeks. It’s a note taking, screenshot storing, web clip holding marvel. I use it now to take notes on my clients and a million other things. If you ever struggle with where to keep to-dos, notes, web snippets and want a central location for them… this is your solution

The syncing ability with the web and my iPhone (and even windows) are just awesome and the optical character recognition they do is even better. I thought you might be interested… so I suggest you try it out. It’s free and today only there is no invite needed… just go to this site and sign up!
Evernote Blog » Blog Archive » Thanks a Million – Open Registration Today Only

UPDATE: since this post, Evernote has opened to the public and anyone can sign up… so what are you waiting for? go check it out!

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