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thinking about switching to mac?

by justin on November 8, 2007 · 0 comments

In my opinion, if you’re thinking about it and you’re a typical user who checks email, browses the web and listens to iTunes, there are NO reasons for you to stay on windows. Unless you just like your virus protection software… because there are way more choices for that on the PC 🙂

But seriously, the barriers are breaking down and the last remaining two for most users are:

Games: PCs have many many more games and you can build yourself a sweet gaming system for much less than a MacPro. This could change in the next 5-10 years as the Mac gains overall popularity

Corporations: They still buy Dell’s big bulk deals and hire expensive IT staff. Though one could make a convincing argument that they switch to mac, they’re just too entrenched and certain corporate software stalwarts are Windows only. Can Macs infiltrate these places? Yes, but it will be very very slow and most of the time will be because of an individual who decides to put a little extra effort to use a Mac in a Windows environment.

For the sake of it, these are the two articles that got me thinking about this. He goes into more depth so give it a look:

First, 8 reasons why many users are switching:

Then, 8 reasons why the rest of them are holding back:


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