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The MacBook Air

by justin on January 15, 2008 · 0 comments

So I guess I have to talk about this, the biggest announcement of Apple’s at the Expo. I haven’t actually laid my hands on it yet, and I’m sure there will be a gushing post about that tomorrow… but after checking out the specs online there are many great things:

13.3 inch screen… that’s bigger than expected…. no smaller than a MacBook!

Backlit keyboard… oh how I’ve been wanting that forever… and it’s always eluded me!

SO thin, and only 3 pounds… of course, it’s TINY.

2 gigs of RAM standard… that is way cool and way unexpected. That must be because it’s not expandable. wow.

DVI out…. well, “micro dvi” anyway. That’s good enough for me and was a huge requirement.

5 hours of battery life and super new LED screen… this thing is very environmentally friendly.


The deal killer for me getting it… NO FIREWIRE!
 Oh, man, please don’t tell me that this means Apple is abandoning the standard that they invented and that is still far superior to USB. PLEASE. They already took it out of the iPods and iPhones, but now it’s missing from a Mac and that’s a first. I simply cannot have a mac that doesn’t have Firewire. The missing optical drive I can live with and even forget about, but Firewire is so essential to my everyday workflow that I will NOT give it up. 
 Do you hear me Apple? No Firewire, no me buy.

Check it out for yourself…

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