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the iPhone is about to change the world…

by justin on March 13, 2008 · 0 comments

Well, Apple has finally released their Software Development Kit and It’s gotten over 100,000 downloads in the first week. That represents what is turning out to be pretty darn good access to the device’s functions… which means we’ll get more cool programs.

I’d like to put out my own 2 cents on what would be nice to see… and some ideas as to which developrer should do it…

1) Notes syncing. Hey Bare Bones! Make Yojimbo work on the iPhone please?

2) To-Do lists. Hey Omni! (I know you’re working on it so I won’t push you)

3) Voice-Over IP. AKA Skype

4) Grand Central visual access. Hey Google! I’m sure you’ve got other plans, but this is a big one for me!

5) FileMaker Pro Mobile. FileMaker is niche but absolutely essential for my workflow.

6) AIM, Gtalk, Yahoo Instant Messaging client. This would be best done by the Adium project but will surely be undertaken by bunches of people, and will be problematic because of a limitation in iPhone programs that doesn’t allow them to run in the background and thus leave a chat program open while you do other things… bummer!

…more on this as I get more ideas!


UPDATE 3/13/08: After writing this column, I just found David Pogue’s similar column of his own where he waxes poetic about the same thing I am. It’s definitely worth a read because he’s a better, more highly paid tech writer than me 🙂

UPDATE: 3/18/08: Get this: 84% of iPhone users use their phone for news and internet… 59% use google on it and 75% of us listen to music with it. Even 31% of us have used it as a mobile TV of sorts. These numbers, especially when compared to other smartphones and run-of-the-mill mobile phones is astounding. Check out the rest of the stats…

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