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the “Digital Life” we lead

by justin on November 16, 2007 · 0 comments

 I’m starting a new theme for some posts on this maccog blog.  You may have noticed that we call ourselves “Digital Life Coaches”… well it may seem dippy and futuristic, but it is here. Your digital life is here, even if you don’t have a computer.  Your car, your bank, your stereo, your TV, your phones, heck even your refrigerator are becoming digital and there is nothing you can do about it… or is there? 

 Well the first thing I suggest to do is embrace it. Learn about it. Get excited by the little things and revel in the parts that make your life better while getting rid of the ones that complicate or worsen it.

To start off this discussion, I want to quote a post from the British comedian Steven Fry who has a new column in The Guardian which I love already. 

To illustrate my point, this is how he begins the column:

Digital devices rock my world. This might be looked on by some as a tragic admission. Not ballet, opera, the natural world, Stephen? Not literature, theatre or global politics? Even sport would be less mournfully inward and dismally unsociable.

Well, people can be dippy about all things digital and still read books, they can go to the opera and watch a cricket match and apply for Led Zeppelin tickets without splitting themselves asunder. 

Stay tuned for more stuff about my (and your) digital life!

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