Remote Support

run your business better

Our concept of business support involves much more than just fixing your nagging problems or setting up your network… it’s a holistic approach to your business that is more like having a techie partner than an IT department.

MacCog exists to make the integration of your Macintosh computer and your gadgets into your business a simple and painless one. And though we’ll teach you anything we know, chances are good that you’ll appreciate not having to learn most of the super-techie stuff. For that stuff, we’ll just make it work.

We’ll help you find customized business solutions where you need it:

  • Email, Contacts and Calendars. management and syncing
  • New hardware purchases. to save you money
  • Productivity and Efficiency. suggestions and training
  • WordPress web development. seo and eye friendly web sites
  • Ergonomic evaluations. your staff will love you
  • iPhones, iPads and iPods. we’ve had them all
  • Backup & Security . don’t save the best for last