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Passwords. ah passwords. don’t we love ’em…

by justin on August 14, 2008 · 0 comments

How many people have only one password? How about those who have one password and then a bunch of variations with “2” or “69” at the end? Well guess what… don’t get used to them. Because one day soon the whole password thing will slowly become obsolete. You may rejoice or moan about having to learn something new… but if you have a strong reaction either way, you should read this NY Times article about the present and future of passwords… or at least the first non-techy first half that has some great nuggets like this:

Surveys show that we’ve remained stubbornly fond of perennial favorites like “password,” “123456” and “LetMeIn.” The underlying problem, however, isn’t their simplicity. It’s the log-on procedure itself, in which we land on a Web page, which may or may not be what it says it is, and type in a string of characters to authenticate our identity…

not sure whether to be comforted or scared? read on… and then call us with questions if you have them…

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