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oh, the joy of the iPhone…

by justin on January 11, 2008 · 0 comments

If you’re reading this, it’s because I know you to be either an iPhone owner, and iPhone desire-er, or an iPhone resist-er-soon-to-be-owner.

Here’s an excerpt of Stephen Fry’s new blog/column about technology. If you guys don’t know, Stephen Fry is a great British comedian who is also a tech head and writes a column for The Guardian.  I love his stuff and thought I would share this one… which pretty much echoes my own sentiments with my new favorite gadget, the iPhone

Beauty. Charm. Delight. Excitement. Ooh. Aah. Wow! Let me at it.

In the end the iPhone is like some glorious early-60s sports car. Not as practical, reliable, economical, sensible or roomy as a family saloon but oh, the joy. The jouissance as Roland Barthes liked to say. What it does, it does supremely well, that what it does not do seems laughably irrelevant.

The iPhone is a digital experience in the literal sense of the word. The user’s digits roam, stroke, tweak, tweeze, pinch, probe, slide, swipe and tap across the glass screen forging a relationship with the device that is like no other.

It’s so true. Ask anybody who has one. Or get one. Or just read this article by Stephen Fry:

yours truly, 
justin bradshaw

PS: in addition to being an email BCCd to 62 people I know who might be interested, this is a blog post. If you’re reading it as an email, you might want to check out the maccog blog where it will live forever alongside lots of other neat things i’ve posted…
(one of those aforementioned posts is my iPhone wishlist!)

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