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Market share for browsers, operating systems and search engines

by justin on December 3, 2007 · 0 comments

So apple is officially at 6.81% marketshare. Not sure why this particular place is the end-all authority, but these are some interesting numbers….

Windows XP  78.37% 
 View Trend Windows Vista  9.19% 
 View Trend MacIntel  3.59% 
 View Trend Mac OS  3.22% 
 View Trend Windows 2000  2.97% 
 View Trend Windows 98  0.76% 
 View Trend Windows NT  0.63% 
 View Trend Linux  0.57% 
 View Trend Windows ME  0.43% 
 View Trend iPhone  0.09% 
 View Trend Windows CE  0.06% 
 View Trend Hiptop  0.02% 
 View Trend Windows 95  0.02% 
 View Trend Web TV  0.01% 
 View Trend PLAYSTATION 3  0.01% 
 View Trend Unknown  0.01% 
 View Trend PSP  0.01% 
 View Trend iPod  0.01% 
 View Trend SunOS  0.01% 
 View Trend Nintendo Wii  0.01% 

PS: experimenting with a cut-and-past of an online table with some funky leopard/mail embedding thing going on… hopefully the table looks good on your end (i.e. the same as it does in the link)

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