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2 Great things that suck together: iPhone and MobileMe

by justin on December 4, 2008 · 0 comments

There are many many things I love about my iPhone. They are too great to list here so I won’t… but I do want to bring up how the combination of two great things combine to make them both SUCK.

First, Ringtones. I love these things. I love being able to make them myself in a variety of ways (check out my recent post on the many ways to do so). Consequently, I have over 15 Ringtones that are assigned to different people. It is fun and it lets me know who is calling me before I even look at the phone… which is especially great if I’m handsfree on a walk or a bike ride.

Second, MobileMe syncing. It’s also pretty great. It syncs my contact list (and my calendar) with the “cloud” and then to my iPhone and back to my computer. I LOVE not having to sync every day and could never go back to manually syncing with my computer (even though just that is far more than most people can or will ever do with their cell phones… but they should!).

THE PROBLEM IS THIS: Sometimes MobileMe seems to just erase all of the contacts on my iPhone. It’s temporary so I don’t freak out. Just yesterday I was listening to a voicemail and when I switched over to recent calls they were just a bunch of numbers instead of the names… meaning that I’d lost all of my contacts. Since this has happened several times before and they always come back, I didn’t worry too much about it and just postponed any phone calls I was about to make. This by itself is no big deal to me. I understand that glitches happen. But this one is starting to really get on my nerves because….

See, the BIGGER problem is that when this MobileMe glitch happens it also deletes any and all ringtone assignments that I’ve made. All of my custom ringtones stop playing when my friend calls and I’m forced to re-assign them one by one… a process that takes several minutes when you’re using about 20 of them! It seems to me that the ringtone assignment should be a field that is stored in the MobileMe AddressBook database rather than only in the iPhone. This way when the glitch happens the ringtone assignments will be saved along with all of my even-more-important phone numbers and email addresses!

Or they could just fix MobileMe. Ah, but now I ask too much?

Are you having this problem too? Let the world know with your comment!


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