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iPhone feature wish list

by justin on April 8, 2008 · 0 comments

Here is a great list of features we’d like to have on the iPhone:

My favorites from this list:
• Wireless sync: C’mon Apple, the phone has three radios! Cables are soooo 2003.
• A File System: for storing attachments and files
• Mobile Safari: Keychain support or some way to store passwords
• Mail: Send email to a group by addressing it to its group name
• Mail: One tap to the inbox
• Mail: One screen for all new mail, regardless of account
• Phone: Display the name and the phone number of the caller
• Phone: “Reply with text message” option when a call comes in (like the Treo)
I’d like to add a few of my own…
• Bluetooth communication with Address Book like we used to have!
• Multi-media messaging that most other phones have!
• t-mobile-like VOIP/cell combo HOTSPOT at HOME
• Grand Central widget or at least flash in safari
• iChat (duh)… or even better, Adium
• To-Do/Wish list app
• notes syncing
• EDGE and 3G sharing with laptops
• voice activated dialing

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