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hello from Macworld!

by justin on January 15, 2008 · 0 comments

hello to my fellow mac travelers… I'm going to be at Macworld San
Francisco for the next two days and thought you might like to follow

it's a journey a long time in the making for me so I want to make the
best of it and remember as much as possible, so I'll be blogging my
discoveries and experiences as they happen so you can share with me
the excitement.

as I write this I'm waiting in Palo Alto for the train to SF. though
it is cold and foggy, my spirits are bright and clear. if you're a
SERIOUS mac fan you are watching one of the many liveblogs of the
keynote right now as I type this. Since I didn't spring the $250 for
the keynote ticket, the one I'm using is the iPhone formatted version

after the keynote is over, the fun begins. bookmark my maccog blog and
check back for updates over the next two days to get pictures and
commentary on the best booths I find. better yet, subscribe to my RSS
feed with apple mail or safari and leave lots of comments for me to
let me know what you think and that you're paying attention!


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