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Do you watch fake HD?

by justin on February 27, 2008 · 0 comments

George Ou is an honorary digital life coach. He’s a little technical for most users, but what he’s saying is valuable and important to know:

The HD that you get from Cable, Satellite and download services is not nearly as good as Bluray offers. In fact, a lot of what companies try to pass of as HD is actually a lower quality than a DVD even!

Of course, the cable companies may be right that the average consumer just won’t notice. I mean a very high percentage (can’t remember exactly what the percentage is) of people who have HD televisions didn’t even bother to upgrade to the HD broadcast from their provider! And most of THOSE people think they’re watching in HD!

This, I find hilarious and kinda sad… which is why I’m the intrepid Digital Life Coach… I’ll be there to fix those things in your Digital Life that you didn’t even know weren’t right… and you’ll be amazed by the benefits.

Anyway, here’s the article:

Don’t believe the low bit-rate ‘HD’ lie by ZDNet‘s George Ou

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