Remote Support

Get a digital life coach.

Our concept of support involves much more than just fixing your nagging problems or setting up your in-home network… it’s a holistic approach to your digital life that is more like being coached than being schooled.

No matter how we feel about school, humans always seem to love learning… and MacCog exists to make the integration of your Macintosh computer and your gadgets into your life or business a simple and painless one. And though we’ll teach you anything we know, chances are good that you’ll appreciate not having to learn most of the super-techie stuff. For that stuff, we’ll just make it work.

We’re specialists in some pretty cool things:

  • Your Digital Life. all of it
  • iPhones, iPads and iPods. we’ve had them all
  • iCloud & “The Cloud”. they’ll part for you
  • Wifi setup & extension. live untethered!
  • Backup & Security. you need this. seriously.