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If you’re a normal web citizen, this post will be insanely boring for you… so I suggest skipping it. But if you’re a WordPress blogger, especially a Thesis blogger who cares about your RSS feeds, you don’t want to miss it… Intro to the Post and Multimedia boxes I, like many other bloggers, am a […]

UPDATE: Google is accepting (and granting) invite applications as we speak… so if you’re interested at all, click on this link to sign up to receive an invitation. Google’s as yet-unreleased “GoogleVoice” service isn’t so new. I’ve been using it’s predecessor, GrandCentral as my primary business and personal phone number for 2 years. This is […]

Put simply, Web 2.0 is the beginning of the movement to extend our entire digital lives online… to the cloud. More and more everyday we’re putting more of our pictures, video and thoughts online… and new technologies known as “Web 2.0” like RSS, AJAX and “cloud computing” are making that easy and fun.  Storing your […]

“Cloud Computing” is the newest buzz word in the world of the internet… and an integral part of Web 2.0. Here’s how they work together: Computers like your laptop, while convenient, still can’t be in all places at once and can cause major problems when lost, stolen or just crashed. If you’ve ever used a […]

The word “collaboration” used to be dirty when it came to computers. The best we could usually do was use the Word feature that let you scratch things out and add notes in the side column. Then you had to email the file back and forth. Nightmare. Today’s collaboration tools like Basecamp utilize the full […]

Animoto is a new video service that will amaze you… especially if you’ve ever spent hours putting together a nice slideshow with music and photos. It will download your pictures from Flickr or Facebook and has an uncanny knack to be able to match your pictures to the beat of your music! Watch this video […]

What would Google Do?

by justin on March 21, 2009 · 0 comments

Why should companies be open and honest with their customers? Will old media be able to adapt to a new world order in which the blog and the tweet are the most powerful tools? Are we ready for that new kind of democracy? Besides the last question, you’ll find answers in this new book “What […]

If you’re reading this, you’re already doing pretty well because most of my Macworld posts will be on this blog. But sometimes there won’t be time to do a full post and I’m just going to twitter…. or brightkite… or digg or something. To keep up with all of it at once and not worry […]

I’m still worried about Google’s acquisition of Grand Central, a “personal pbx” system that gives you an online voicemail box and rings as many phones as you want with one phone number. It’s a visionary service that promises to change the whole game of phone numbers that people use… with Grand Central you can have […]

There are many many things I love about my iPhone. They are too great to list here so I won’t… but I do want to bring up how the combination of two great things combine to make them both SUCK. First, Ringtones. I love these things. I love being able to make them myself in […]