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I’ve been closely following the Apple announcement this morning, and am very intrigued by the product and its potential. In typical Apple fashion, the only things worth complaining about are what they left out. Almost everything that IS about this device… is awesome. Here are my thoughts… The Good: The Price: $499-829 The screen is […]

iPhone 3G had bluetooth but no stereo music capability… but now, with the 3.0 Software update, Apple has given not just 3GS users, but 3G users as well… the ability to have one wireless headset that plays music AND takes calls!

UPDATE: Google is accepting (and granting) invite applications as we speak… so if you’re interested at all, click on this link to sign up to receive an invitation. Google’s as yet-unreleased “GoogleVoice” service isn’t so new. I’ve been using it’s predecessor, GrandCentral as my primary business and personal phone number for 2 years. This is […]

I’m still worried about Google’s acquisition of Grand Central, a “personal pbx” system that gives you an online voicemail box and rings as many phones as you want with one phone number. It’s a visionary service that promises to change the whole game of phone numbers that people use… with Grand Central you can have […]

There are many many things I love about my iPhone. They are too great to list here so I won’t… but I do want to bring up how the combination of two great things combine to make them both SUCK. First, Ringtones. I love these things. I love being able to make them myself in […]

iPhone ringtones

by justin on October 2, 2008 · 0 comments

There are many ways to make ringtones for your iPhone from music you already have in iTunes. You really have no excuse… and it’s fun! So here are some of the ways you can do it: 1) iTunes Store ringtone feature: $0.99 each. For songs you’ve purchased at the iTunes store, this is the only […]

Sleep easily, iPhone users. Your all-in-one digital motherdevice isn’t flimsy or remotely scratch prone. So forget about those silly screen covers and consider using your iPhone naked. If you think I’m crazy, click on this link and see why it took a motorcycle to kill the iphone… PC World – It’s Tough to Kill an […]

I have to agree with the folks over at Appletell about all of these. Some I hadn’t even thought of in my excitement about the new iPhone… There IS search, but copy/paste and Flash support in Safari are still missing in a HUGE way… not to mention better bluetooth usability and the ability to share […]

Oh baby… If this is true, I'm getting the red one! j Sent from my iPhone UPDATE: It seems that this one is a fake. A well reasoned critique by Engaget debunks this one. Oh well…