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Basecamp is just the beginning…

by justin on April 6, 2009 · 0 comments

The word “collaboration” used to be dirty when it came to computers. The best we could usually do was use the Word feature that let you scratch things out and add notes in the side column. Then you had to email the file back and forth. Nightmare.

Today’s collaboration tools like Basecamp utilize the full power of Web 2.0.  Basecamp offers amazing project based collaboration features through a web browser… and since everyone has one of those (and knows how to use it), it’s easy to bring new members on board.

It’s also easy to share files because Basecamp holds them for you, making file servers and firewalls a quaint far-away worry. This is the cloud-based computing that Web 2.0 promises!

The company that makes Basecamp also makes a bunch of other cool web applications AND is the author of the very popular Web 2.0 engine called “Ruby on Rails”

Take it from me. This stuff is cool… and you will be seeing more of it… stay tuned!

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