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Apple anger v1.1.1

by justin on October 5, 2007 · 2 comments

When Apple included a headphone jack on it’s iPhone that would only work with Apple headphones, I was miffed, but I got over it. 

When Apple lowered the price of the iPhones by $200, I just figured that it was inevitable… though a bit fast…. but didn’t mind… especially when they gave me a credit to buy more Apple stuff… so I got over it easily.
When Apple released iPhone firmware 1.1.1 which would “brick” any iPhone that had been “unlocked”, I just felt bad for the poor, brave saps who tried it, even though they knew it was risky… (of course the concept of a company destroying the property you bought from them because you violated the terms of agreement is extremely disturbing) But it didn’t affect me, so I got over it.
But when somehow, mysteriously, my iPhone decided to delete all of my music, podcasts and videos and tell me there wasn’t space on the device for it, I thought it a fluke. A bug, if you will…. and I got over it.
(iTunes seemed to see all of my music files as taking up space, but not being considered “music” by the syncing software… thereby clogging almost 5 gigs of the space on my phone and eliminating all of my music.)
I got over that last one because I could just restore the phone to version 1.02, put my auto-backup back to the phone and maybe re-install the apps that I liked.  I was going to do that… but Apple had yet another surprise for me… iTunes wouldn’t let me restore to 1.02 even though I’d never yet downloaded 1.1.1. it forced me to activate my internet connection, turn on automatic checking for updates, and… the horror… would only allow a restore if it was to the dreaded 1.1.1! 
It was at this point I became stark raving mad.
Can you believe that? It’s a forced upgrade! I was planning on using 1.02 until the hacker guys had figured out how to install apps. I’ve become quite attached to my Apollo chat program, weDict and some fun custom icons and ringtones… which are now ALL GONE because my iPhone was hijacked by the company that made it… damn it.
I don’t know, man. I was going to sit this one out, but now I’m pissed. Shame on you, Apple.  Don’t strong arm your own customers into your dictatorship. You’ll make us angry… and (to quote a mean green guy) you won’t like us when we’re angry.
an iPhone lover,
Justin Bradshaw

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Andy October 8, 2007 at 11:32 am

You might need to throw some of your steam at AT&T. Aside from the obvious reasons, I have to assume that some of the forced upgrades are related to the cell phone part of it. I know on Sprint sometimes they do some mysterious updates before I can use my phone to make a call, under the guise of “increasing reliability” or something.

Any word as to the cause of the erasing? Is this a widespread bug? Now that Daylite is compatible I’m getting close to taking the leap, but man, if you’re not even sure any more… I just don’t know.

maccog December 16, 2007 at 6:42 pm

Don’t get me wrong, I still love the iPhone… I just don’t want the oppressive hand of Apple or AT&T to reach out and grab it when I don’t want it to.

I will say, though, that I’ve learned of a way to go back to a prior version of the firmware that you can even do with iTunes. Of course, it didn’t work for me when I needed it because it wouldn’t re-activate the phone for cell service, but oh well…


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