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Another reason to be glad you use a Mac

by justin on January 29, 2007 · 0 comments

I just wanted to share yet another good reason that Apple is a superior user experience to Windows….

It seems that if you get the “upgrade” to the new Windows vista which just came out, not only is it confusing and complicated to figure out if your existing machine will run it, there is also no way to do a “clean” install of the system without having a copy of 2000 or XP on the system already.  Imagine now that when your hard drive dies and you’re paying someone like me to restore everything for you. Now imagine me wasting an hour just to install XP, only to then install Vista on top of it. What will they think of next?

» Vista Upgrade Edition is lame by design | George Ou |

….and if you’re curious about how exciting and fun it must be for windows user thinking about upgrading, check out how many different versions there are to choose from…. choice is good, right? ha!

oh, and compare the $200-$349 price to Apple’s $129 upgrade cost. Even I’m amazed they could manage to do things so badly…


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