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Great Social networks to check out

by justin on April 15, 2008 · 0 comments

Well guess what? Facebook is what it is and probably will stay what they are for more and more people: a place for friends to cast their net a little wider with each other and stay in looser contact with more people. Myspace was just a free-for-all that got too big too fast (plus it’s slow and annoying).

but now… you’ve got social networks that are getting super-specific and/or super-simple… seems like a review site but really it’s a social network for foodies! needs less ads everywhere but it caters to free thinkers and group based interaction. would be too much like (both awesome music listening sites) but it’s actually a social network (not to mention an amazing marketing tool for the record industry)

And in the super-simple category:
unfortunately, only the cognoscenti seem to know about twitter and I’m not friends with many of them so my feed is pretty sparse and nobody reads my tweets… but I see the potential and wish I had more use for it. So if you read this and you use twitter, sign up to follow me, “justinsail”

The point being that we’re still quickly finding new ways to cast our net wider and it is utterly fascinating if you ask me!


by the way, there is a business use for twitter too.

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